A little training and a lot of self-teaching

When I was in middle school I did three oil paintings under the instruction of a local artist. While I enjoyed, these were the only ones I created. After having someone tell me line by line how to paint the light and the dark and the textures, I couldn’t do it on my own. I got frustrated and gave up.


Luckily that frustration didn’t last forever! But I wanted to show off what I did originally. My first paintings.



My first painting. Still life is not my ‘thing’. I’m not even sure what those vegetables are!


Still life not my ‘thing’, but I do love the shading that I got on the pitcher. And this glass bottle looks better than my first one.


Landscape is totally my ‘thing’! This was originally a picture I saw on a calendar.


Since these paintings, I took some time away from the paints and then got back into it during college. If there is one thing I got out of college, it’s re-learning my love of art and painting.

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Posted by Ashley King

  • so cool! I remember when I came back to painting and drawing…it was like coming home!

    • Exactly! When I came back to painting, it fit and I love it.