Future is Limitless : What my business will look like moving forward

The future is undefined. It has unlimited possibilities. Only I can decide what happens next.

I have been fragmented. Putting parts of myself into different little boxes.

I paint, so I post pictures of my art on Instagram. A separate website is for my schooling and school portfolio. Some things are shared with my friends. Some things with my online Facebook groups. Different things with my family.

I think this is probably normal for most. But to me, it feels like I am sending myself in 5 directions at once.

Having so many passions means that I can’t just drop painting so that I can focus on yoga. I wouldn’t be able to let yoga go to focus just on art. I wouldn’t be able to give up either, to spend more time with my family. It’s just not me. Each of these things that I do is a part of me. They are who I am and who I want to be and who I need to be. I need time to paint, time for yoga, time for family, and time for other things I enjoy.

I have been slowly combining parts over the last year by doing more art, talking more to family and going back to school. Now it’s time to kick it up a gear and build a new solid, more interesting foundation to move my life and my business forward in a direction that I love.

I’m still figuring out all of the details as to what this looks like, but here is what I know:

  • I will still be painting and drawing and posting my work.
  • I will continue to sell art; originals and prints.
  • I will be appearing (at least my voice and one hand with a paint brush) on video more, sharing what I’m working on and creating art classes.
  • My creativity will include more than just paint on canvas. There will be meditations and maybe even some yoga to get your creativity flowing.
  • I’ll be creating a community with all of you who are moms and interested in art, creativity, and meditation.

I took a six-week coaching program with Gervase of Shiny. Happy. Human. in May and June that totally changed my world. I began to see the reasons I was unhappy had been totally made up and the reasons that weren’t made up, could be changed. I just had to step outside my comfort zone and explore a little. That’s where all of these changes are growing from. I realized that everything I want to do more of provides me with:


Which means, moving forward, everything I do for my business and life must fill at least one of these desires. If it doesn’t, I won’t do it or I’ll find a different way.

Be on the lookout for Facebook Live’s, video classes and questions for you when you visit me on social media! I look forward to getting to know you all better!


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Posted by Ashley King