About Me

How I got Here:

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When I paint, I learn more about myself and my current state of mind. Painting has taught me a lot about patients and letting go. While in every day life, I am usually not a perfectionist, I find myself picking apart each painting and continually ‘fixing’ small parts of each one. As a friend said, “that just means you are truly passionate about art”.

My Creative Journey

 I’ve had creativity my whole life. From painting, to scrapbooking, to clay and jewelry making. I have always had hobbies that I enjoyed in my spare time. When I was in middle school I took a few oil painting lessons and ended up with some great works. But it wasn’t my style and I didn’t paint much again until after college. A couple of classes required acrylic paints and thats when I really found my style. Once I started using acrylics, I continued to paint often. I like that they dry quickly. That allows me to hang them up quickly, and to make sure I don’t spend all day ‘fixing’ one small detail!

I do hope to try oils again one day. They have a great quality to them that allows for incredible blending and detail. 




Personally I:

  • Enjoy spending time with my family
  • Indulge in chocolate a little too often
  • Love yoga, art and riding horses
  • am passionate about animals, and helping others
  • snort, often. My husband blames me when our kids snort. Haha
  • love rock first and country music second, plus a little of everything else. 

Teaching Art and Meditation

“Don’t try to paint a horse, just paint what you see"

It may sound like weird advice, but thats what worked for me. Once I stopped trying to draw or paint a horse, and simply started to paint what I saw, they came out much better. If you look at a picture of a horse and break down the smaller shapes and shades you can create a beautiful piece.

Behind the Scenes

I don’t have a particular studio space. I move around wherever suits me in that moment. Sometimes at my desk, sometimes at the kitchen table and sometimes outside. All of my paints are stored in a plastic drawer that can go to my painting spot for that day. Everything I need is in that box.


Professionally I Am:

  • an artist, yoga teacher, and Project Manager and finally, Psychology Student.
  • a seller of my art. I like to call it, adopting a painting.
  • found at local art fairs and galleries.
  • able to take on commissions. 

Artistically I:

  • Am inspired by the beauty of nature every day. 
  • In awe of the colors and patterns that nature is able to create.
  • Love to paint sunsets.
  • Love to make the colors as bright as I can.
  • Enjoy using horses and other animals as my main subjects.
  • Have a huge file on my computer to store all of my inspiration photos. It's messy, but at least they are there for when I want to use them!

I'm currently working on:

  1. Creating new mini paintings for my next art show.
  2. Recording and editing video art classes to teach women to paint through meditation and art techniques.
  3. Complete a well-rounded branding message.