Future is Limitless : What my business will look like moving forward

The future is undefined. It has unlimited possibilities. Only I can decide what happens next.

I have been fragmented. Putting parts of myself into different little boxes.

I paint, so I post pictures of my art on Instagram. A separate website is for my schooling and school portfolio. Some things are shared with my friends. Some things with my online Facebook groups. Different things with my family.

I think this is probably normal for most. But to me, it feels like I am sending myself in 5 directions at once.

Having so many passions means that I can’t just drop painting so that I can focus on yoga. I wouldn’t be able to let yoga go to focus just on art. I wouldn’t be able to give up either, to spend more time with my family. It’s just not me. Each of these things that I do is a part of me. They are who I am and who I want to be and who I need to be. I need time to paint, time for yoga, time for family, and time for other things I enjoy.

I have been slowly combining parts over the last year by doing more art, talking more to family and going back to school. Now it’s time to kick it up a gear and build a new solid, more interesting foundation to move my life and my business forward in a direction that I love.

I’m still figuring out all of the details as to what this looks like, but here is what I know:

  • I will still be painting and drawing and posting my work.
  • I will continue to sell art; originals and prints.
  • I will be appearing (at least my voice and one hand with a paint brush) on video more, sharing what I’m working on and creating art classes.
  • My creativity will include more than just paint on canvas. There will be meditations and maybe even some yoga to get your creativity flowing.
  • I’ll be creating a community with all of you who are moms and interested in art, creativity, and meditation.

I took a six-week coaching program with Gervase of Shiny. Happy. Human. in May and June that totally changed my world. I began to see the reasons I was unhappy had been totally made up and the reasons that weren’t made up, could be changed. I just had to step outside my comfort zone and explore a little. That’s where all of these changes are growing from. I realized that everything I want to do more of provides me with:


Which means, moving forward, everything I do for my business and life must fill at least one of these desires. If it doesn’t, I won’t do it or I’ll find a different way.

Be on the lookout for Facebook Live’s, video classes and questions for you when you visit me on social media! I look forward to getting to know you all better!


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A little training and a lot of self-teaching

When I was in middle school I did three oil paintings under the instruction of a local artist. While I enjoyed, these were the only ones I created. After having someone tell me line by line how to paint the light and the dark and the textures, I couldn’t do it on my own. I got frustrated and gave up.


Luckily that frustration didn’t last forever! But I wanted to show off what I did originally. My first paintings.



My first painting. Still life is not my ‘thing’. I’m not even sure what those vegetables are!


Still life not my ‘thing’, but I do love the shading that I got on the pitcher. And this glass bottle looks better than my first one.


Landscape is totally my ‘thing’! This was originally a picture I saw on a calendar.


Since these paintings, I took some time away from the paints and then got back into it during college. If there is one thing I got out of college, it’s re-learning my love of art and painting.

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My first sold paintings!

I never thought this day would come! But here it is. I just sold my first paintings last week. And here they are, while much alike, each is its own painting.

lily-2 lily-3

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My first (almost) wall mural! (Part 2)

Second night took a bit longer. While it was only stripes and stars, there was alot more space to cover with paint. Not to mention, red shows all, and I mean allll of the brush marks. Took awhile to figure out how to cover that all up. But in the end it came together. I absolutely love it! And my husband does too, which is all that matters.  I showed the garage to him Christmas morning.

white stripes

red stripes

Finished eagle


It’s finished!

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My first (amost) wall mural! (Part 1)

Ever decided to do something crazy like paint a picture on an entire wall? Well I did. And its not really crazy, as in bad. It’s crazy to want to blow up the 8×10 picture you painted to 5 foot by 9 foot. Thats pretty crazy. Repainting it on the garage wall is one way to enlarge a picture.

This idea came about when I painted the small version for a friend for Christmas. My husband absolutely loved it. So while I was out working in the garage, on his original present, I came up with the idea, to decorate. Decorating with paint is a bit more my style, than organization, as I’m sure he knows to well. (Don’t worry, I still organized too)

Just in case we ever wanted to move the painting or move to a new house, I didn’t want to do it directly on the wall, so I bought a roll of canvas from a local art supply store. I somehow managed to hang the entire thing, by myself with some thumb tacks and a ladder. By the way, kittens do not help, when they continually try to climb the ladder when you step down.

The sketch went pretty fast. I hung the canvas and sketched it out all within an hour. I was expecting it to take a while and cause a good amount of frustration.

Later that night, when my husband went to work, I got started! Turned up the radio, turned on the fan (yes, its December and I had to turn a fan on to paint a picture in the garage at midnight, crazy), pulled out the huge jars of paint and paint brushes and got to work.

Within 2 hours I had the eagle pretty much done! When I go back, maybe there will be a few touch ups, but mostly its there. I decided to save the flag in the background for another day.








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Day #73 (73/292)

day 73 - 365 project

Finally all caught up! Now I can go back to doing 1 painting a day. Until the next trip that is!

I feel like this one needs explanation, I can hardly tell what it is. The night sky is reflecting on the ocean, so they are both very similar colors. The dark blue fades into black and all the stars are coming out.

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