New England Fall || 5×7 || Original on Mixed Media Paper


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There is nothing quite like a New England Fall. The trees turn to vibrant colors, red, yellow, orange.  Colored on the trees, and as they fall, a crunch beneath your feet. And who doesn’t picture a beautiful red covered bridge when they think of fall?

.: The Painting :.
This is a mini painting, created on a mixed media paper. It’s a 5×7 paper, with 3×5 inches of painted scene.

.: Shipping :.
Your painting will be shipped with cardboard in an envelope to keep it safe for you. Then, when its received, you get to the fun part! Picking out the frame and the location it will hang!

.: 365 Project :.
Each painting in the 365  series, was done in 30 minutes or less, as a daily project. I learned to try new techniques, new subject matters, and letting myself paint more freely.

.: What you can do to help :.
If you like these little paintings, please share my store with your friends! I am grateful for anything you can do to spread the word of these cute minis.